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Camp Fire

This is our Camp Fire, a blend of smoked salt and chilies that give it its rich and bold flavors. Great on tacos, burritos, nachos, pizza, Bloody Mary, burgers, steak and veggies. Mix it bbq sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo add it to cream salad dressings or vinaigrette. French fries love to bathe in it.
Price is $7.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

Naga Viper

Our Naga Viper Hot Sauce is a blend of mild red chilies to make the Ghost pepper approachable. This sauce has a nice finishing heat in the back of the mouth. Great on fried eggs, mac and cheese fried chicken, pizza , soups, wings, potato chips, Bloody Mary, and it on salads.
Price is $7.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

Our Chili Pequin has been a popular sauce! Love the flavor of this little pepper this is your sauce. Add it to any dish, like the ones of other sauces. Great to add to any southwest dish. Chicken fried steak is really good with it! Price is $7.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

Texas Wild Fire

Our Wild Fire Sauce is a blend of Carolina Reaper, Chili Pequin, Habanero, Thai and the sweet burn of Texas Bourbon Whiskey also made in the Hill Country. It goes great on just about any thing.
Price is $16.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

Purple Pepper Sweet Chili Sauce

Our Purple Pepper Sweet Chili Sauce is amazing on egg rolls, but give it try on ribs and wings. It is a blend of purple peppers, yes, purple peppers and hot red chilies, garlic and ginger. The sweet tangy sauce is plant based. It will add some zing to ketchup and BBQ sauce, don’t forget the mustard to add it to as well.
Price is $9.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo.

Serrano Soy

Our Serrano Soy, the saltiness from soy with the blend of Serrano chilies and spices makes an amazing combination to add to fried rice, chicken, steak, steamed rice, dumplings, wings, marinades, fish and SUSHI!
Price is $7.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

Tropical Habanero

Our Tropical Habanero sauce is a blend of peaches, pineapple and mango and the fruitiness of the Habanero. It is tangy and sweet with a bite of the Habanero at the end. This sauce has endless applications…..Ice Cream, over cream cheese, fresh fruit, cheese cake, wings, pork, fish, shrimp, tacos, salmon, chips, black bean tacos, waffles, add it to ketchup, bbq sauce, margarita or mule for a spicy kick!
Price is $7.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

Creamy Serrano Pickle Hot Sauce

Our Creamy Serrano Pickle is inspired from what else the pickle on the tree. Love pickled Jalapenos, but need it hotter, well here you go! Add it to pizza, creamy salad dressings, soo good on a juicy burger!
Price is $7.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo
Prickly Pear Chili Pequin is a savory blend of vinegar, hand picked South Texas Tunas, spices and Chili pequin peppers. This is a nice and bold vinegar hot sauce. My grandfather made a hot sauce like this when I was a kid from peppers out of his garden. So keeping the tradition, I use regional peppers (as my pepper plants can no longer keep up with demand) and local prickly pears in my version of the hot sauce. Use as a add in for marinades, fried eggs, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, need it spicy add our sauce. This is a unique sauce because of the vibrant pink color from tunas.
Price is $9.95 plus $8.50 shipping and handling. Venmo

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